These days, your typical software product's "documentation package" might consist of not much more than a CD with Acrobat PDF files. If you're lucky enough to get a printed manual, it's likely to be a skimpy thing that doesn't get you very far.

With pride - and befitting a product you'll use on a daily basis for years to come - we're reversing that trend. We supply our Sesame documentation not only in PDF files, but also in a durably-bound and lavishly-illustrated set of printed guides. And we've reinvented 1980's standards of user manual quality for our 21st Century software in other ways, too - by making the type large enough to be comfortably read, and spiral-binding our main user guides so they lay flat while you're working with them.

The documentation that comes with Sesame is designed to get you quickly started and to serve as a complete reference library as you begin to explore Sesame’s features and capabilities. Five printed guides are included with the product:

Sesame Quick-Start Tutorials - This practical hands-on guide demonstrates the basic commands and building blocks of Sesame by guiding you step-by-step through creating five simple database applications, each with a focus on different features and tasks. If you are new to Sesame or database managers in general, we encourage you to work through these tutorials to gain a proficiency and confidence with Sesame that will pay huge dividends.


  • Form Designing Basics
  • Building a Simple Application
  • Building an Application with Multiple Databases
  • Building an Application with Tabbed Page Separators
  • Building an Application with Subforms.

Sesame User Guide - This comprehensive guide to all of Sesame’s features and facilities provides both basic instructions and more detailed reference information on all aspects of using the product. New users should see the sections on Getting Started and Sesame's Screens and Menu System. Those involved in data entry should see the sections on Adding and Updating Data and Searching and Sorting. If you are switching to Sesame from another program or need to integrate with other programs, there are sections on Importing and Exporting Data. Those who want to create their own new applications can use the sections on Designing a Sesame Application and Designing Reports. Professional developers who need in-depth information on how Sesame operates should see the appendices, including Advanced Concepts, in the back of this guide.

Sesame Programming Guide - This guide provides the detailed information needed to create truly extraordinary applications to meet the demands of home office and small business users, all the way to medium-sized organizations and corporate departments. Sesame contains a wealth of programming tools in a language designed to be easy enough for non-programmers yet powerful enough for experienced application developers. Sesame's programming language, its features, syntax and commands - with accompanying usage examples - are all covered in this guide.

Q&A Database Translation Guide - A goal of Lantica Software is to provide a bridge to the future for users of Symantec's Q&A database manager. As such, Sesame includes the ability to translate Q&A databases into Sesame applications. This guide provides all the information needed to make those translations go smoothly, including advice on preparing Q&A databases to minimize post-translation efforts in Sesame.

Multi-user Installation Guide - Supplied with the purchase of a Multi-license package, this manual covers the setup and operation of Sesame in Client-Server mode.

Each installation also includes PDF documentation files which enable you to take your Sesame documentation with you on your laptop when you're away from the office. The PDFs also offer a convenient way to print sections for others and copy programming examples in the Sesame Programming Guide to paste into your Sesame applications.

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