Sesame Features in Brief


  • Runs in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Linux (Intel)
  • Simple, clean installation. No registry entries, DLLs or reboot required
  • True client-server architecture. Allows remote Internet access via TCP/IP. Can be used in "remote computing" setup
  • Security - users and definable groups - control access based on groups
  • Multi-user capabilities built-in with effective record locking
  • Tight data-type control to maintain data integrity

Data / Record Features

  • Extensive and powerful search facilities including wildcard searches, keyword searches, drill-down searches, inverted searches
  • Universal search allows searching across all fields
  • Editable Table View with adjustable column widths


  • Multiple forms, each separately programmable, if needed, for maximum flexibility
  • Full-featured form designer for control of form layout, colors, fonts, graphic elements and the like.
  • Display images in your records (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp image files)
  • Include static pictures (your company logo, for example) on your forms
  • Helpful data entry tools such as combo boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes and command buttons. Data entry forms can be augmented with pop-up selection lists containing both static and dynamic data, such as information looked-up from other databases.
  • Subforms allow you to see and work with data in one-to-many relationships such as invoice line items in a "parent" invoice form
  • Tab pages allow convenient grouping of fields on a form
  • User-definable help screens and mouse-over tooltips


  • Versatile, HTML reports - can be sent to Microsoft Word or Excel or easily emailed to others
  • Subtotals and Grand Totals, calculated (programmable) columns
  • Full control over fonts and added graphics to enhance presentation
  • Columnar, free-form, and combination reports provide flexibility


  • A rich and robust programming language available if needed
  • SBasic programming is easy to learn and use
  • Includes powerful features such as variables, loops, arrays, external file I/O, lookups and posting to other databases
  • Programming in Sesame is optional. It can be as simple as adding a group of fields to get a total, or as sophisticated as creating new records, importing data, merge-printing with an external word processor and automating navigation tasks

Q&A Compatibility

  • Converts your Symantec Q&A 4.0/5.0 for DOS and Q&A for Windows databases to Sesame. Converts the master form, fields, data, programming, saved mass updates, saved retrieves, DOS columnar report designs and more.
  • Uses familiar Q&A search syntax
  • Uses many familiar Q&A shortcut keys such as F9, F10, F7 and so on
  • Sesame's SBasic is an extension of Q&A's programming language.


  • Macro recorder for simple repetitive tasks
  • Command buttons can be placed on forms to run programming and macros
  • Programmed Mass Updates can be used to make changes to your records

Other facilities

  • Send email directly from your Sesame applications
  • Store web addresses in Sesame and open with your browser
  • API for working with your data from external programs. Supported languages are C/C++/C#, PHP, PERL, Java, Python, and VB/VBA.
  • Import / Export CSV, ASCII files
  • Documentation and Support

High-quality printed, spiral-bound manuals supplied

For more details and to view a selection of Sesame screens, see Sesame's product page on the Lantica site.

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