Sesame is a powerful, flexible and network-savvy database manager designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of uses and users. Whether you're a small business do-it-yourselfer, a corporate administrator, the head of an organization, a professional application developer, or the person whose job is to keep track of stuff, Sesame has everything you need to easily, rapidly create database applications, and organize and present the information in them.

Sensible features to keep life simple - such as centralized design facilities, a consistent form-based interface, intuitive query-by-example searching (you type Jones in the Last Name field, press F10, and you get the Jones records), and universally portable HTML (web-ready) reports - will have you creating and using smoothly-functioning database applications in short order.

If you are new to databases, Sesame makes getting started with simple databases easy, fast, and fun. As you learn, Sesame offers more advanced tools to further enhance your applications. For those with more experience, Sesame provides a wealth of options - all within easy reach - for customizing and programming applications. Basic tasks are easy to perform, but when you need to go beyond basics, the tools are right there at your fingertips.

If you are switching to Sesame from another database manager, a variety of integrated facilities can help simplify that transition. Sesame offers Symantec Q&A users an exclusive translator for their Q&A databases. If you're currently using another program, you can take advantage of Sesame's data import facilities, including the ability to perform hierarchical imports when migrating from a relational product.

Sesame seamlessly provides client-server capabilities as different “personalities” of the same program. This means that your copy of Sesame can run standalone on a single computer, serve other Sesame users, or connect to a Sesame server - just by the way you start the program. Connecting to a Sesame server across the Internet is like connecting to a Sesame server on the desk next to yours.

Sesame is a truly cross-platform product, currently available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. If you are considering switching platforms, or you have a network environment with both platforms, Sesame is an ideal choice. Making the switch is a simple matter of copying your application files to the new platform and running the appropriate executable.

The First Class documentation package that comes with Sesame is designed to get you quickly started and serve as a complete reference library as you explore Sesame’s capabilities. Four illustrated printed guides are included with the product:

  • Sesame Quick-Start Tutorials - A practical hands-on guide that demonstrates the fundamental tools and building blocks of Sesame by guiding you step-by-step through creating several types of simple database applications.
  • Sesame User Guide - A comprehensive guide to all of Sesame’s features and facilities that provides both basic instruction and more detailed reference information on all aspects of using the product.
  • Sesame Programming Guide - Provides the detailed information needed to create advanced applications that meet rigorous requirements. Sesame offers a treasure-trove of optional programming tools in a language that's easily learned by those with no programming experience yet powerful enough for even veteran application developers.
  • Q&A Database Translation Guide - The Sesame Plus edition provides a bridge to the future for users of Symantec's Q&A in its ability to convert Q&A databases into Sesame applications. This easy-to-follow tutorial is designed to help make those conversions go smoothly.

Power, versatility, and simplicity in an advanced database manager that doesn't require an advanced degree to use. (Download the free trial version today.)

The future of personal and business data management has arrived.

Sesame says hello.

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